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Thread: Crackdown 2

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    I'm up for this as well.

    I've got a level five agent and I'm mainly looking to collect the online orbs so even if somebody just wants to play the single player game I could join and you'd still b able to carry on as normal while I got on with the collecting.

    From what I've worked out if you were to host the game you'll get all the single player rewards that you earn but you'll also get the benefit of the online orbs that I collect.

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    You cant collect on your tells you that the other agents are too far away!

    I will go on a pure online orb hunt with you if you want tho?

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    Didn't realise that.

    If you see me playing it I'm only collecting orbs so just send me an invite. I know where quite a few of them as I've noting the locations when finding the other orbs.

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    im up for some orb hunting online SILENT MOUNTAIN is my tag

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    Me too, just picked this up today.

    GT - Unwell Cat

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    If anyone here is still playing this, I thought it would be worth trying to get some of the co-op achievements, more specifacally, the one for gliding through the city with four people and Party Bus.

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