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    To be honest I was just going to keep ordering US versions...

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    I think the only real benefits that existed for the US version of XI were that the game was released over there a good few months in advance of the UK, and the non borked pound meant the game and add-ons were a fair bit cheaper to order and the monthly fee ended up costing a quid or two less each month.

    Now none of those things ring true.
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    Anyone able to decipher that? I assume it's related to the OP? I have an EU account so I don't think it'll be a problem, but it's not very clear (S-E specialise in that, don't they?).

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    Brought up briefly in the FFXI thread.

    I think it basically means that those of us with US S-E accounts, which we needed to run the US version of FFXI, will be getting them switched over to EU accounts (again assuming I understood it correctly because as you say it's not 100% clear). If it does mean that it is a very good thing for those of us it affects but won't find out until later on and I can log in to my account.

    For anyone else who hasn't got any existing S-E account, it means very little.

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    I had an email about this. I had a US account, which I'm assuming it means I will have to switch over to the UK one when I log in next.


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