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    Quote Originally Posted by Me earlier in this thread View Post

    I can't wait to see how they handle

    the bit in Atlanta with the horse

    - I bet that gets toned right down!
    Having just watched the hi-res trailer, they don't bottle this bit at all! You can see it going on (just) in the end shot as it pulls up from the tank.

    This is going to be awesome!

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    Starting in November of FX UK

    Must make sure I get SKy HD in before then


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    First episode has dropped. Haven't watched it yet, but judging from the reviews its excellent. Can't wait to bung that on tonight.

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    Starts on FX HD on 5th November @ 10pm

    Apparently the first episode will be advert free as well...wish they'd do that with the rest for the flaming series.
    Adverts get right on my wick!!

    Cant wait to see this, been preparing myself by re-reading the first 6 volumes of the Graphic Novels


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    Quote Originally Posted by Orgun View Post
    is that Andrew Lincon (egg) from this life, as the lead??

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    Watched the first episode of this.

    Very much follows the comic but expands on it by giving us a bit more character development for a couple of characters and moves at a much more sedate pace as a result.

    Andrew Licoln seems like a fantastic choice to play Rick too, he was excellent in this episode.

    I dont want to jump the gun but on evidence here it will turn into another Magical show from AMC that is just consistantly perfect.
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    Wow looks great. Huge fan of Lincoln, have been since the days of this life.

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    Only just started reading the comics and completely loving them. Based on how good they are along with Frank Darabont and it looks like a winner.

    Going to get a few more volumes of the comic read before the first ep hits. Really looking forward to it.

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    Just watched the first episode. Excellent.

    I haven't read the graphic novels yet and I'm not sure if I should just watch the series then possibly read the books or do the books first then watch the series.

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    The trailer looks a bit cheesy but it did break viewing figure records for a first episode so I'll give it a go. Zombies - what's there not to like?


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