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    The Walking Dead (TV series)

    Leaked shaky cam from Comic Con (probably going to get pulled soon)


    edit: just found out this is getting an international rollout, which means we also get to watch it in October thanks to the evil Fox corporation. No stupidly long wait for to arrive =
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    Best news all year really cannot wait for this.

    Love the Graphic Novels & if the TV series is half as good as they are then this is going to be something special.

    Roll on October


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    It's been stuck in my head ever since I watched it this morning It's actually an amazingly accurate song for the comic book series, given how unremittingly bleak it is.

    I love how they've changed some parts of the comic - I didn't know about that till this morning, but it kind of makes sense. Not only does it make me eager to see what they're going to do with it, but it'll keep fans on their toes from knowing exactly what's coming next (even if it does follow the same general end path by all accounts)

    I can't wait to see how they handle

    the bit in Atlanta with the horse

    - I bet that gets toned right down!

    Apparently a second series has already been commissioned too (the current one only goes up to them clearing out the
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    I just can't get passed Egg being cast as the main character, its really making it hard for me to get into this. Hopefully it will become more of an ensemble piece than is suggested in the trailer. Love the comics, wonder how far the TV show will go tho...

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    This looks rather special! The guy from Jericho being in it sweetens the deal.

    The only question is how the ruddy hell I'm going to sell this to my missus, as she doesn't really like Zombie flicks.

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    OK, that ****ing rules. I just got graphic novel number 12 too. Story has been pretty bleak for teh last 2 volumes. Hope the gang get a bit of a break.

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    this is great news

    i just hope its close to the novels and they dont water it down for a kiddie/teeny audience

    alls we need is another dr who....

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    There is no way Robert Kirkman is letting that happen. Also this is AMC so will be great. Breaking Bad is enough to tell me they won't cripple this show's creatively.

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