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    The head of franchise content wants to make lots of Walking Dead event series based on different characters including those already killed off.

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    The fans might finally get that T-Dog series they have been crying out for.

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    Someone is finally putting this old dog out of its misery. The Walking Dead: Season 12 will apparently be the final season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Ignition View Post
    Someone is finally putting this old dog out of its misery. The Walking Dead: Season 12 will apparently be the final season.
    I still need to catch up on episodes from season 9 which I will do if they're still on Now TV. If its really going to end in another two seasons though I'll watch it until then.

    Granted it should have been laid to rest earlier (they could have covered the entirety of the comics' content in 9-10 seasons had they cut out the needless fluff of characters sat around having reflective conversations to pad out the episode count). I appreciate money and advertising revenue talks though.That said I enjoyed episodes like the Morgan-focused one in season 5 (I think) that focuses on him and guy's mentor who shows him that life's still worth living (and the way of the staff). Maybe that shows I'm full of it though Lol.
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    Season 11 has been delayed indefinitely so in its place AMC will finally show the final episode of Season 10 which has yet to air and double bill it with the first episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In addition to this AMC has ordered an additional six episodes of The Walking Dead that will air in early 2021 and form Episodes 17-22 of Season 10. Fear the Walking Dead: Season 06 will launch in October.

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    Not sure how I feel about them extending season 10. Why not just have a shorter season 11 and make the writing better/tighter to raise the show's profile in viewers' minds and possibly bring people back? That's my personal view anyway.

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    Knew it was too good to be true.

    The Walking Dead: Season 11 will be a tiresome 24 episodes long. Once done work will begin on yet another spin-off to be launched in 2023 with the central characters of Daryl and Carol. So... basically Season 12 then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Ignition View Post
    Daryl and Carol
    A post-apocalyptic sitcom?

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    Largely because thanks to COVID I'm on the horizon of catching up through my backlog of TV stuff to watch I'm going to at some point return to mid-S9 which is the last bit I can recall and watch through the eps till the show ends after S11 as I'm that close to the end I might as well see it through.

    Thinking about it though I did some reading up and the TWD situation is fascinating. So AMC still plans to make a Daryl/Carol spin-off which is so epically pointless given that would literally just be Season 12 of the main show, three Rick specials and an anthology show charting backstories for individual characters per episode.

    Lots of plans... so let's look at the health of the franchise:

    The Walking Dead - Viewing Figures Avg Per Season
    5m > 6m > 11m > 13m > 15m > 13m > 10m > 7m > 5m > 3m

    Fear the Walking Dead - Viewing Figures Avg Per Season
    7m > 4m > 3m > 2m > 1.5m > 1m

    The Walking Dead: World Beyond - Viewing Figures Avg Per Season

    I mean, come on AMC, talk about beating the horse when it's dead. The Rick specials as the true finale of the whole thing then call it a day and walk away with at least some dignity left.


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