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    Just watched the first episode and thought it was brilliant. Sometimes it felt like an 80s zombie film.

    I wonder where they’ll take it.

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    I decided not to trawl through the second half of season 8 ... I was battle weary with where the show was bogged down in, and also past that part in the comic books anyway. So I jumped straight in to the new ep and enjoyed it. Feels good to be back on board.

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    For the new seasons second episode The Walking Dead lost another 20% of its audience, it's viewing rating dropped to 2.0 which is the lowest in the shows entire history. Live viewing figures were 4.9 million, the lowest the show has ever had is 4.7 million making it a growing concern.

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    Weird. First episode was excellent.

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    I liked the second episode. Why has the lady from the dump suddenly decided to get rid of the spazzy haircut and go for something more conventional? The bigger question though is why does she now talk like a normal human being instead of a Neanderthal?


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