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    Seems like an appropriate time to repost this gem, at least it's not like this anymore

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    Reginald Ffirthswift

    Don't know if any of you guys are still playing it. It failed adding the majority on that list.

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    Bump for 2013/A Realm Reborn, Repp Penney / Rep / Gungnir

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    Shadow Hulk / djtickle / Ragnarock

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrKirov View Post
    Mr Kirov / MrKirov / Ragnarok
    Oh sweet! Me and some friends have a LS going will give you a shout on sat if you would like to join. No events or anything just a social to help each other out.

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    Sounds good matey! My missus is on Ragnarok with me too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rep View Post
    Bump for 2013/A Realm Reborn, Repp Penney / Rep / Gungnir
    What happened to excalibur? Did everyone jump ship without telling me? Am I stuck on Excalibur now?

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    Ragnarok is where the cool people are


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