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    Final Fantasy XIV Player List

    Please post your on-line name, this list will be updated during the beta and throughout the final release. Player lists have been ok'd and don't break any NDA.

    FFXIV Name / Forum Name

    Ark Angel / Djtickle
    Elaniel Losalair / elaniel
    Hensley Alvarez / mikewl
    Rare Hero / C'
    Orgun Ukor / Orgun
    Rep Penney / Rep
    Tali Zker / Talizker
    Tobal Wyman / Tobal
    Tsingtao Seraphian / Tsingtao


    Shadow Hulk / djtickle
    Mr Kirov / MrKirov


    Bayani Tenzan / Bayani Tenzan
    Daragon Arius / Daragon
    Moot Chicharito / Moot
    Rare Mihgero / C'
    Repp Penney / Rep
    Siwon Jeong / Shaffy_oppa
    Takezo Masahiro / Apathy87
    Tali Zker / Talizker
    Tonco Zaemon / mikewl
    Tsingtao Seraphite / Tsingtao
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    Also we are on Shadowlord server, you get the choice when you make your character.

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    Do you have to have a 1st and 2nd name?

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    Yes, and both are 3 character minimum. The first letter automatically places itself in upper case, any subsequent lower. You can't force upper case characters, so for example, Rep XIV would actually be Rep Xiv.

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    Ah right, looks like its a change of name all together for me then. Dont Fancy Dj Tickle as it implys "Dj". /Thinking Cap on!

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    Is there a way to just search to see if a certain player is online, i've looked at the party search options and I just can't seem to make it work.

    I sent some tells to you rep yesterday and today and I didn't get a return message saying your not online or anything, not sure if you got them or whether you were actually offline.

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    Cool, contact Rep Penney to grab a shell Orgun, hes on there now with Elaniel


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