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    PSO was my first experience of online gaming and it was a wonderful one. A real eye-opener for me. And, yes, the simplicity and ease of play was one of the charms. It did not demand too much in terms of concentration or (more importantly) time.

    I haven't really stuck with online gaming but I may well return to PSO with this. I'm still tempted by the new PSP version actually.

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    If this has half the style and feel of the original, I know how I'll be spending 2011!

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    YAY. I just hope it's better than PSU that was a major let down online.

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    Never played PSO but love the 2 on the psp and the one on the DS but I know how diffent they are to online

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    Well count me in, loved PSO and had a level 200 Force , 2 years of gaming heaven on the DC, and i never got the dreaded hack of going back to level 4, i only gave my card to know friends, i'd cry if that happened.

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    So I just played the pre-open beta yesterday and today, and really like it. The open beta starts on the 21/06 at around 8am. Who is up for hunting?

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    Awesome news! So how does it play? Does it really feel like PSO or is it more PSU?

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    The game does have a PSO atmosphere to it. Control wise it feels like a combination of PSO and PSP2, apparently, as I have not played the PSP games. So you get the old target lock and the free aiming shoulder view, I think that was in PSU or some form of it.
    Fun thing is, when using the free aim/shoulder cam it does feel like a western shooter. 360 Pad is also supported, it
    I enjoyed playing it more than PSU. There are some new things that I needed to get used to, like weapon skills, which you can customise and can be learnt and leveled up by using discs.

    I recommend to people who are interested and have limited Japanese skills, like myself, to read guides on this fan blog. You probably need to create a SEGA ID, which shouldn't be a problem, if you follow the guide on that blog.

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    Open beta is live!
    But think careful before choosing a ship and the character you are creating. In the open beta you are alloawed only to have one character, which is also tied to one ship only.
    At the moment I am stuck on ship 10 ;_;, and even after the beta without paying for another character it is unlikly I am going to leave the ship, brummer.


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