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    Final Fantasy XIV Then...

    [As Sdub said at the beginning of a very long thread in October 2003...] Out next week, who'll be braving the land of Eorzea with me?

    The NTSC-uk World of choice is Istory and Linkshell is Rargh

    FFXIV Name / Main Class / Starting City - Forum Name

    Ark Angel / ? / ? - Djtickle
    Bad Wolf / Gladiator / Ul'dah - Kerushi
    Elaniel Losalair / Archer / Gridania - elaniel
    Moot / ? / ? - Moot
    Rare Mihgero / Pugilist / Limsa Lominsa - C'
    Repp Penney / ? / ? - Rep
    Tali Zker / Conjurer / Limsa Lominsa - talizker
    Tonco Haemon / ? / ? - mikewl

    Kennedy Forthwrightk - InvisibleKid
    Reinhardt Stormbringer / Gladiator / Limsa Lominsa - Zero9X
    Tobal Wyman / ? / ? - Tobal
    Tsingtao Seraphite / Gladiator / Limsa Lominsa - Tsingtao
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    I was about to post the exact same thread So long the next 9 years of my life~

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    My name may not be final yet. Undecided about whether my character will be male or female this time and don’t think Rare Hero would be suitable for a woman.

    Had my “shipped” mail from GAME but come to learn that this means nothing from them (usually it’s a way to prevent you from cancelling an order at the last minute) so expect it will actually leave the depot today or tomorrow. Don’t expect to be on the game properly until Friday though and plan to get the afternoon off work in preparation.

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    I got the "shipped email" Saturday. I think we will receive them tomorrow (actually being despatched today).

    Servers coming up approximately 2AM on the 22nd for us in the UK.

    Even though it's super easy to get between each city, I'm still conflicted on which starter city. I love the one we all started at in the beta, but the one with the port was beautiful, and is great to have the ferry's there. Was really excited the first time I rode on in XI and then again in XIV. I know a lot of the time will be spent away from the cities, and we can use crystals to transport, but I need to make up my mind fast.

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    Any idea how the XI subscribers get the Hermes' Shoes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rep View Post
    Any idea how the XI subscribers get the Hermes' Shoes?
    It says that as long as your PlayOnline account is linked to your Square Enix Account, when you enter the CD Key upon registering the physical copy of the game and create your character, the item will be in your inventory.

    Same for the pre-order and FFXIII bonuses. After registering the CD key, just fill in the codes on your Square Enix Account, then create your character.
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    I read yesterday that all 4 bonus items:

    Standard Edition Pre-Order (Garlond Goggles)
    Collector's Edition Pre-Order (Onion Helm)
    Final Fantasy XIII Promo Code (Asuran Armguards)
    Active XI Account (Hermes' Shoes)

    should all be registered when creating your XIV account. All characters then created afterwards will receive the items in question. Downside to this is that if you pre-order the standard edition just to get Garlond Goggles (yes I did consider this ) you would get the code a week later and would have to start again as you can't add them to a current character apparently.

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    Hopefully I won't miss too much of the launch, i'm moving Thursday maybe, still waiting on contracts to be signed, once they are I gotta let Talktalk know i'm moving and from looking on their site it could be 2-3 weeks before I have internet, i'll probably try testing it out with my mobile phone internet hooked to my pc but I don't think it will work well enough.

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    Mines just arrived, (i know theres a thread for this). Box is miles bigger than i thought and you get a lovley tin....

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