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    Wanted: Nothing for now

    Nowt for now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    With my multiregion Blu-ray player on order it's time to stock up on some region A goodness. looking primarily for:

    - Breathless
    - The Wages of Fear
    - Chungking Express
    - The Third Man

    Can either pay with Paypal of possibly trade for games, just let me know anything you might be looking for, or which system you'd take games for.

    Didn't John Parry have a whole load left in a recent sale?

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    John did get in touch but he hasn't got any for sale any more.

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    Dunno if they must be Criterion? Because The Third Man & Breathless have both just been released in the UK on blu ray by Studio Canal.

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    Given the price of The Third Man Criterion Edition, unless I get a bargain somewhere I might go for the Studio Canal version. Thanks dude.

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    Akira 35th Anniversary box set added

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    Small world, I was looking for this last week ( missed one in Germany for 77 + postage) They're all about the 200 quid mark in Ebay.

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    I bought a brand new one yesterday from wordery on ebay for 133 ... they cancelled the order this morning citing a problem with the supplier The listing said they had 4 in stock, and all 4 sold yesterday. The price was set in line with Amazon who appear to have it new for that price, but it's and oos. I think they saw how fast they sold and perhaps re-evaluated what they could have got for them.

    I expect it'll get a re-print at some point ... could be a while though.

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    Aaw that's a bummer. The box set looks the dogs b**ks as well.

    If I see two (after I've nabbed one) I'll give you a shout... Re-print would be good but my OCD would scream out for the first edition copy.

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    Hmm, despite wordery's cancellation of my order coming across fishier than a hake strudel, they listed it again last night for the same price. I look forward to that dispatch email arriving.


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