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Thread: Crafting List

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    Quote Originally Posted by C' View Post
    Does it definitely need to be maize-yellow cotton cloth? Will undyed still work (with a different final product colour)? If the synth really is rank 11 (which I am personally doubtful of but I do have some cotton bolls stored to try) will be doable now rather than waiting until the dye is found.
    To answer this, it looks like you can:

    I presume this is the item you're trying to make?

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    Has anyone worked out how to make better crafting tools yet? My crafting results have also taken a nosedive too.

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    If you search Items > Tools, you'll find a list.

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    Is any alchemist able to synth beeswax? I'm one ingredient short of being ale to upgrade my weapon but need beeswax before Buju can synth it.

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    I think I have beeswax if anyone can't get to you before I can.

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    Just found a bazaar selling for 100 gil each so bought 3. Just need a leatherworker now to make the Antelope Sinew Cord.

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    I'm after some boots and/or a shirt for my character. Preferably with levels above 11 on them. Shirt needs to be at least level 15. Anyone able to make them for an archer?

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    Problem is there's very little choice in terms of low level footwear and what there is needs higher level leatherworker/carpenter than any of us have reached yet.

    For example, seems these are the closest to 15 that ARC can use:

    And apparently needs CRP21 and LTH11. Those figures won't be exact but you're looking at roughly those levels.

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    Yeah, its annoying :P Mainly looking for a Trapper's Tunic though.

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    I did alot of crafting last night, and had gear dmg lots of times. Is it better to craft naked? Or in your level 1 gear? I really think it is. There is no point crafting in your best DD gear just to get it dmg'd for no reason. Its really silly, I never thought about it before.

    Also on the lodestone site you can check out each others chars, which is a nice touch.
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