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Thread: Crafting List

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    People have been crafting naked to prevent gear damage. Personally I have a macro for when I switch to each class, and for my crafting classes I have it switch in some gear I had anyway that has crafting based stas on it so it doesn't affect my PGL gear.

    Eventually I plan to have a dedicated crafting gear set but again it's difficult getting the pieces togetehr to synth it.

    If you want to have a macro remove gear from a slot and leave it empty just use the standard equip command without any item name.

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    Oh gear with crafting stats! Ive never seen that! Will have to have a look.

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    I've started out with Goldsmith (9), Weaver (7) and Botanist (something low!) and am happy to put more effort into these or elsewhere if needed.

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    I think you may need to Leatherworker as well if you're serious about Weaver. We only have one at the moment (Buju) that I'm aware of and too many synths require leather parts to be reliant on one individual. I tried to resist (alreayd feel like I have too many crafts ongoing) but made a start at the weekend.

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    Made some nice progress yesterday. I can now craft if anyone wants cheap...

    Bronze Chain Coif (Stupid Craft, high lvl parts low lvl craft)

    Base: Bronze
    Finish: Uncolored Sheep Leather Trim
    Optimal Rank: 27

    and (Moot might be interested)

    Bronze Pelta

    Base: Maple
    Finish: Bronze Decoration
    Requires: Discipline of War
    Optimal Rank: 19

    My New current ranks are Woodworking 10, Smithing 14, Armorcraft 16, Goldsmithing 9, Leatherworking 8, Clothcraft 4.

    Im not working on Armoror and Smithing to 25 to make Haubys and Swords.

    Although Lodestone says Haubs are 21+. Also people have made at 17 with the ability divine intervention.

    What is Divine Intervention? I cant find it anywhere in any jobs ability list.
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    Armour Craft 10, Blacksmithing 10, Mining 7, Gold Smithing 7.

    Divine intervention will show up in the crafting menu when you craft DJ.

    I'm looking to probabily move into weaving and woodworking.

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    Full update:

    Goldsmith 15
    Tanner 10
    Weaver 15
    Culinarian 15

    Miner 7

    Trying to move onto brass with Goldsmith now so if anyone has any Zinc Ore they want to sell, let me know. Should be able to synth Brass Chokers/Wristlets already now.

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    Weekley Full update

    Woodworking - 10
    Smithing - 15
    Armorcraft - 19
    Goldsmithing - 10
    Leatherworking - 9
    Clothcraft - 9
    Alchemy - 5

    *Updated again.
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    Smithing - 9
    Armourcrafting - 11
    Goldsmithign - 9
    Weaving - 6
    Mining - 9

    DJ I'm gonna hunt you down baby!


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