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Thread: Crafting List

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    Crafting List

    Since everyone Is heavily into crafting at the moment, It's worth keeping tabs on people's current crafts and rank. Update the post every 5 ranks.

    Fantastic Database.

    Ark Angel - Armour (16), Blacksmith (14), Carpentry (10), Leatherworker (8), Weaver (4).
    Bad Wolf - Armour (10), Blacksmith (10), Goldsmith (7), Miner (7).
    Elaniel Losalair - Carpentry (10)
    Rare Mihgero - Goldsmith (15), Weaver (15), Culinarian (15), Tanner (10), Miner (7).
    Repp Penney - Alchemist (10), Carpentry (10). Items of note - Status Daggers, Shields, Staves, Clubs.
    Tonco Haemon - Culinarian (9), Botanist (9)
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    It was discussed on Saturday evening that it would potentially be a good thing to cover crafting through the LS so we can use each others skills etc. With this in mind are there any areas not covered yet as I would like to start doing some and it may as well be to the advantage of the LS.

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    I think most are covered, Goldsmithing perhaps? I'm not anyone Is going out and farming materials though with one of the Disciplines of the Land. Grendalf Is pretty keen and from the looks of things Is crafting everything.

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    Rare Mihgero - Goldsmith (10) Weaver (8) Culinarian (11)

    I think because it's very easy to gain the early ranks in the Discipline of the Hand classes, many of us have multiple levelled as we are finding we need multiple crafts just for even basic synths. This means that I don't think anything is not represented. However I can already see the EXP requirements for rank ups increasing and I don't think it will be practical to level a large number of crafts all at once (not without spending a massive amount of gil anyway).

    Because of this I reckon we'll start to see picking specialisations over the next couple of weeks so for now just pick a few that you like the look of then we can build on that later on. I would recommend at least having the appropriate tool to repair your weapon out in the field.

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    Elaniel Losalair - Carpentry (10)

    That's as far as I have gotten yet.

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    Armoror 12 - Smithing 9 - Carpentry 6 - Leatherworker 6.

    Maybe we could make this a request / help me out thread?

    Atm i need...

    Maize-yellow Cotton Dye - Alchemist (11)

    which makes -

    Maize-yellow Cotton Cloth - Weaver (11)

    The craft of the dye makes 12 which in hand "should" makes 12 cloths.

    Rare, Rep if you could help me out with this it would be great.

    Moot (Dunno if he reads here, rare could you pass on if not.)

    Above is for crafting "Bronze Haubergeon's" if you want to go halves. Im sure most people in LS will want some better body armor.


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    Quote Originally Posted by djtickle View Post
    Atm i need...

    Maize-yellow Cotton Dye - Alchemist (11)

    which makes -

    Maize-yellow Cotton Cloth - Weaver (11)
    Does it definitely need to be maize-yellow cotton cloth? Will undyed still work (with a different final product colour)? If the synth really is rank 11 (which I am personally doubtful of but I do have some cotton bolls stored to try) will be doable now rather than waiting until the dye is found.

    Personally I just need some Brass Buckles then i should be able to synth Hempen Tabards. Also want to upgrade my Goldsmith primary tool to the bronze version. Managed to update my weaving tool for 2000gil last night.
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    Having started on some crafting last night would it be an accurate observation to suggest that in order to craft anything (equipment wise) useful, your Disciple of the Hand level needs to be substantially higher than the equipment level you want to craft (eg in order to craft a Level 5 THM Weapon I will need level 15 crafting plus some other lower level crafting)?

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    Yes, It’s one of my concerns with the crafting system is that to make even rudimentary low level gear, you need craft levels far in advance of the rank of the equipment itself. More worrying is how you can often need multiple sub crafts for ingredients for your main craft.

    There’s a rank 6 body piece I thought would be pretty decent upgrade. Nothing amazing. Seemed like ti should be synthable by my Weaver but I need the above-mentioned Brass Buckles (apparently a rank 15 synth with Armorer) as well as leather ingredients. Is this really necessary for a rank 6 piece of equipment?

    Also, I think something may have changed with crafting since the maintenance last night. Synths I was ****ting out for fun on Monday were failing regularly last night. Could have been bad luck. Could have been good luck on Monday but other people have reported similar. I was failing synths for a rank 10 levequest on my Rank 11 Culinarian. This can’t be right.


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