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Thread: Gaming irks

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    Next dragon ball fighter z character......Ultra instinct goku, to say they have gone back on the initial word of not having multiple versions of the same character is a understatement

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    When game sites don't show what's in a game bundle.

    Case in point:


    Save your quarters and bring the arcade home with the ultimate 2-in-1 game ‘pac’, NAMCO MUSEUM™ ARCADE PAC™! Enjoy the nostalgic classics in “Namco Museum” and the flashy maze madness of “PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 PLUS” with friends or solo, at home or on the go for exciting arcade fun wherever you are – exclusively for the Nintendo Switch!"

    Would it hurt to say anywhere what the games are?

    Pac-Man Arcade includes:
    Pac-Man Vs.
    Pac-Man Champion Edition 2
    Pac-Man Champion Edition 2 Plus 2 Player

    Namco Arcade includes:
    Dig Dug
    Galaga '88
    Rolling Thunder
    Rolling Thunder 2
    Sky Kid
    Tank Force
    Tower of Druaga

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    I wanted to watch Rick & Morty S4.
    It's not on Netflix, but Channel 4 showed it around Christmas, so I go to the PS4 and I've not got the All4 app, so I went to download it.
    It's a completely free app, but because I recently used the Vita to browse the sale, it asks me to input my credit card details again.

    So I trudge back upstairs and get my wallet, then go back down and put the details in - why it needs a CC for a free app, I don't know.

    Rick & Morty is "unavailable". FFS.

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    That it has become so hard to find a good condition, affordable genuine Dual Shock 3. Gave up in the end and ordered a workaround

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    Doesn’t PS4 pad work? Thought they had same Bluetooth connection.

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    It broadly does the job but lacks the pressure sensitive buttons, thankfully my current DS3 still works well enough for those games but once it's gone it'll be gone. It's weird KO DS3's are so much more prevailant than other system controller KO's

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    It's exactly the same with DualShock 2s unfortunately. Tons of knockoffs, official ones all in terrible shape.

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    I've still got a pristine Sixaxis controller. It's a Sixaxis though so...


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