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    Looking good on my imac 27" : ) Good work! The only thing I would say is that the edge of Batman's cape is looking a bit like the end of a scarf but other than that it's him!

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    Thanks guys.

    I'll do a proper post with bigger images sometime soon.

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    Me and a mate have set up a movie page called beyond the cinema, news, movie art and reviews to come.

    Just facebook and twitter pages at the moment but a blog is in the works.

    Would appreciate if you could join in :-)!/beyondthecinema

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    What kind of movies?
    Just current movies at the moment, but will be including some retro stuff 80's horror, sci-fi and more

    There will be features on movie posters, art of books, cult movies, revisiting movies we saw when we were younger.

    We're both graphic designers so will be looking at the visual side as well as the actual films themselves.

    More people joining in the better, we want people to talk to us about what they like as well and join in the discussion.

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    A bit of shameless self promotion here, boys (and girl).

    Here is my latest album, available on Ambiel Music (a label I'm signed to), and streamable on SoundCloud:


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    Congratulations Gordon that's quite an achievement.

    Nearly finished Less than Zero that I'm currently reading so which one would you recommend that I start with bud?

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    I'd say start with The Apprentice, or Max. The Apprentice is a dark fantasy about a zombie and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Max is a dystopian SF novel about life in a near-future police state.

    I'd go for Game Boy only if you're a mad gamer. :-) The story isn't as strong as the other two, and it's all a bit retro now; but it *is* packed with gaming stuff... The Dinner Party was my first novel, about a weird weirdo doing weird stuff to himself and others. Only read it if you enjoy the other three and want a slice of psycho horror.


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