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    Pimp your own Stuff Thread

    Pimp your gear here.
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    Hi All,

    Hope you are all well! Me and some of my friends organise club nights in London with proceeds going to Charity. (This event is on 29/10/2010 - Alaween II - Hidden, Vauxhall).

    If you want to read about the event then please visit:
    Or indeed check out the FaceBook Event:!/event.php...35472159828288

    Not sure if any of you are interested in this type of thing but I can assure you if you like clubbing and BASS then these nights are great, good vibes & amazing people!
    The event also has a room hosted by:
    --Fully Playable Retro Arcade Room (upstairs in blue room) - Hosted By Handbaked Arcade
    The Hand Baked Arcade will be providing a fully playable retro arcade installation for this event. Across 4 screens you will be treated to a nostalgic gaming haven! Expect to be in awe over the likes of Sonic on the Sega Mega Drive, Street Fighter 2 on the SNES as well as Pacman and Space Invaders on a 2 player arcade cabinet and alot more to boot. Be prepared to lose yourself and quite possibily your friends once this space is found!

    Friday 29th October
    -10pm - 6am
    -@ Hidden, Vauxhall, London, SE11 5EQ
    -£6 Ltd Early Bird (ON SALE NOW @ WWW.WEAREALAN.COM), £8 ADV otherwise, £10 OTD Before 12pm, £12 After
    -HALLOWEEN FANCY DRESS!!! This one is easy and NAAAAAASTY!!! ...Damn Straight ... but don't do your face paint! Let us do it instead - We've got a dedicated team doing it ALL NIGHT for Charity!!!

    If anyone has any questions regarding this then feel free to message me on here or indeed e-mail me:

    Hope to see some of you there,
    Luke & The Alan Crew xxx
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    Quote Originally Posted by toythatkills View Post, in which I attempt to write 500 words a day.
    Just made the fiftieth post on my site. That's more than 25,000 words, feels like a pretty cool achievement

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    100th post!

    Nobody but me have owt to pimp?

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    My Retro Reviews

    Hi guys, I have finished retro reviews on Ghostbusters and Super Mario World, two of my favorite games. You can check them out here please let me know what you think!

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    Revamping my website > check it out?

    Hi all.

    First, without any rambling... here is the current state of the site:

    I still have a ton of work to do... basically the only pages that are *mostly* complete are the "homepage" and the "about me" page.

    I am (as we speak) knocking together the contact me page and reworking the text on the about me page... in preparation for sending out some job applications very shortly (need to find something by end of March)!


    (BTW feel free to try out the newsletter signup form at the bottom of every page... if you don't want to put in your real address just use something like "".

    Cheers all.

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    Just an update on how and where you can buy my eBooks:

    The Dinner Party (horror)
    The Apprentice (fantasy)
    Game Boy (gaming!)

    Previously, they were only available on Smashwords, which required registration, I think; but you can now also buy them direct from:

    iBooks (on your iPod Touch, Ipad or iPhone)
    (Sony) Reader estore

    End of self-publicising announcement... :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by toythatkills View Post, in which I attempt to write 500 words a day.
    And I'm up to 150 posts. Amaze.

    That's over 75,000 words, maths fans.

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    Honest to goodness genuine humans. 100% human mostly guaranteed -

    Edit: Nobody actually reads this thread except those actually doing the pimping, right?
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