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  1. #151
    Just completed this and I'm really surprised.

    It's not the sort of game I'd usually get, but it was free on PS+ and I'm glad I downloaded it. Everything about it is just brilliant! I played through on hard, and the difficulty was just right, bar a couple of frustrating battles. Challenging enough to keep me coming back, but not too challenging as to put me off.

    So it was short at around six hours(About the same time it takes me to do Uncharted), but damn it was sweet. I actually enjoyed it so much, I'm going to get it on disc and that's something I never do if I have the option of a download.

    I'm guessing we won't get a sequel?

  2. #152
    Yeah great game, the only thing that got to me was the sterile nature of the visuals....there was not quite enough variation for me, with all of it taking place in a massive space station.

    A solid game though.

  3. #153
    Just finished this and really liked it thought it may have needed some puzzles or slower pace to break up all the shooting but was fun. Still have a soft spot for the Game Cube Mikami game PN03, not sure if Vanquish is better imo maybe a lot more free though. Although one of the best things about Vanquish are the games mechanics and different ways to combat each enemy type which I enjoyed. The only blotch on this brilliant game for me were the end two bosses which I thought stage wise and boss wise were slightly unfair, as I had no problem with any bosses previous until them, to add could not imagine them in God Hand mode! Shudder to think.

  4. #154

    Re: Vanquish [PS3/Xbox 360]

    I have this in my "to play" pile!

    I fancy something short after months of New Vegas!

  5. #155
    I got this second hand for about a fiver a few weeks back. It feels a lot like Lost Planet with emphasis on speed runs, I presume.

    Not a great deal of depth I don't think (I'm only face-rolling through on Normal so who knows), but as cover shooters go it has some great moments. I doubt I'll be interested in playing it 'properly', there's just too much on my plate right now.
    Last edited by dataDave; 02-02-2013 at 07:50 AM.

  6. #156
    It's the best 3rd person shooter on PS3 by a mile. Has to be played on Hard, though, I'd say, which forces more use of the speed-up/slow-down mechanic.

  7. #157
    Quote Originally Posted by JU! View Post
    ... it may have needed some puzzles or slower pace...
    Just, no.

    The fact that Vanquish has virtually no down time and trimmed of fat is its greatest asset.
    Last edited by jimtendo; 02-02-2013 at 10:53 AM.

  8. #158
    High octane block pushing

    Quote Originally Posted by jimtendo View Post
    Just, no.

    The fact that Vanquish has virtually no down time and trimmed of fat is its greatest asset.


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