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    So who IS the sexiest woman in the world?

    Just clocked something on TV suggesting who is number one, I don't agree. I see you lot as a bunch not led by fashion, give me names, explain why. (illustrate with photos when possible!) Obviously I already know, but i'm open to opinion...............

    (To save anyone some time, it CAN'T be Cheryl Cole!)

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    She's an attractive women, but it all goes wrong when you hear her talk

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    She's a racist chav thats what she is. I'd let her sit on my face though.

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    She's pretty hot, until she opens her mouth and that squawking noise comes out.

    Me, I'm all about the Vanessa Carlton.

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    There's no way you can objectively state something like this though, is there?

    Whomever you choose, somebody else will always disagree. It's also impossible to pick just one woman.

    Having said that, Priyanka Chopra's definitely up there...

    But don't we already have the fairer sex thread for this sort of thing?

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    I've always been a bit partial to Lisa Snowdon and Kyla Cole, she has stunning eyes.

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    Reon Kadena (semi nsfw)

    Would also say Scarlett Johansson but she seems to be losing weight and her figure with it now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skull Commander View Post
    Yer Ma

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    Karen Gillan. Durr! See 'Karen Gillan Appreciation Society' thread for more details.


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