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    9.1 million exp to lvl 85. T_T

    I'm 15% done. Luckily these new zones are awesome. Uldum is a real favourite of mine and I usually hate desert 'levels'.

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    Blizzard re-activated my account \o/

    lv 63. God Outland is such an awful place to level. Jam packed with enemies, dull grindy quests...

    The Vanilla changes really just show up how shoddy a lot of the quest design for TBC was. Doing most my leveling through BGs

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    Isn't it quicker doing instances from lvl60-70? I remember instances from 70-80 were a waste of time.

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    Level 85 now. I have 105k health in **** gear and I'm only doing about 10% more damage than I did at 80. PvP is a tank fest and 1v2 is utterly impossible now. I don't know if I want to keep playing this to be honest. ;p I know it's only early days but with each update the game seems to progressively get ****ter and ****ter. I keep coming back because of the urge to play, but that game was left back in 2007/2008.

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    i started again with a troll druid. 78 tonight. The new content is awesome but it becomes a real slog (if wow is ever a slog) when you hit outland then northrend. looking forward to some nice new content again come 80

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    Yeah, I have to say I'm not really looking forward to 58-80 at all.

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    I'm level 70 at the moment. Outland was utterly painful to level through, boring quests and zones. I ended up doing most of the levelling in battlegrounds.

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    I've just read that they've removed a large portion of the wrathgate quest chain from the game.

    What the hell? That was one of the most awesome parts of WOTLK

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    Yeh the bit where you take back undercity is gone. Kinda makes sense since thrall is no longer the warchief


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