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    Quote Originally Posted by eastyy View Post
    not tried pvp yet whats different about that then non pvp ?

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    I don't know how people can get bored, you only need two other regulars for 3v3 arena. In my opinion that's where the meat is.

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    After 6 years of playing this on and off, I finally hit a level cap the other day. I'm still playing and my biggest draw is weirdly, making money on the AH. I love checking prices and posting my stock. Also not done many of the cata dungeons at all so I've got those to do.

    The guild I'm in is huge, fun and always has stuff going on so there's plenty for me to do at 85. I'm currently trying things like BGs which I never did before. Fun

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    BG is crack. Pure crack.

    Especially when you have the best possible PvP gear in every slot.

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    I think I'm a long way off that mate. Still not sure whether to respec my shadow to Disc. Disc sounds like much more of a mind **** for the people you're playing against.

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    Yeah it is. It's fun to play as well. You're basically a healer tank in PvP.

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    looking for a good guild to join in magtheridon ( i think its called) not played in a while and now back


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