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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    They're like those toddler lift the flap books. If you lift up the butt armour (and everyone does) the title and bar code are underneath.
    I skimmed this and read "Butt Flaps" and had to re-read this comment several times to convince myself no butt flaps were present.

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    My first CGC graded magazine.

    This Frazetta front cover is just amazing. As soon as I saw this magazine on another forum, I just had to have it.

    Easily In my top 3 fave pictures.

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    Out of interest, why are they all 9.8? What is the difference between 9.8 and 9.9 or 10?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    Out of interest, why are they all 9.8? What is the difference between 9.8 and 9.9 or 10?
    For Modern era comics, there’s no reason why they should be anything less, as the collecting community now takes greater care, and has the means to do so, than earlier era’s.

    9.9 and 10’s are by and large, quite rare, as they are nearly ‘perfect’. A 9.9 or 10 cost way more to upgrade from a 9.8, than upgrading from a 9.6 to a 9.8. Most modern era slabbed collectors want the best grade available.

    I’m part of the problem I guess, as I try to buy the highest grade my wallet can afford. I could have saved hundreds of £’s if I wanted 9.6’s or less. And if I bought ungraded copies instead of slabbed, I literally could have saved thousands.

    A fool and there money are easily parted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Grover View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Super Grover View Post

    I freaking love those dude
    Those covers are beautiful

    Do you have your eye on any more?


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    Reposted from The Free Digital Stuff Thread.

    Here at Nerdist, we love celebrating great art and bringing it to you so that you can enjoy it with us. Though the current coronavirus situation might not immediately seem like it’s the best time to discover something new, artistic communities from around the world have been coming together online to share their work for people who are currently self-isolating or who are under quarantine.

    The comic book community has been at the center of the digital response to the coronavirus, and over the past week, creators and publishers have been generously sharing their comics for free. So I’ve curated some of the best, brightest, and most exciting offerings for you right here in a collection that includes over 100 free stories you can read right now!
    Here Are Over 100 Comics You Can Read for Free Right Now

    Going into self-imposed isolation to combat the spread of COVID-19? Fear not, 2000 AD is here to make the process less painful – and for free!

    The critically and fan-acclaimed Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files Vol.5 is now available to download FOR FREE from the 2000 AD webshop.

    This 400-page collection includes classic Judge Dredd stories such as The Mega-Rackets, Judge Death Lives!, Diary of a Mad Citizen, The Hotdog Run, and the all-time great mega-epic Block Mania and The Apocalypse War!

    Written by John Wagner (A History of Violence) and Alan Grant (Batman), it features artwork by some of the titans of comics, including Brian Bolland (Batman: The Killing Joke), Carlos Ezquerra (Preacher), Colin Wilson (Blueberry), Ian Gibson (Halo Jones), Mick McMahon (The Last American), Ron Smith (Transformers), and Steve Dillon (Preacher)!
    Free to download: 400 pages of epic Judge Dredd!

    Sunstone Vols. 1 - 6 by Stjepan Šejić.

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    Thanks! That's great stuff.

    And it should be noted that the free Dredd collection there contains some fantastic stories. Some real classics in there.

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    @Super Grover Just out of curiosity: do you also own non-sealed, readable versions? I was into comics collection myself and still buy artbooks, but I've never quite understood the reason why would someone buy a sealed copy they are unable to read.
    I mean, I understand why, but never did it myself. Those covers make the magazines look incredibly interesting, I would be itching to flip through them every time I see them.


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