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    Recommended graphic novels / comics

    im really getting into reading graphic novels, as well as picking up the monthly comic Clint, but as a noobie to the genre, dont really know what i should be looking out for.

    ive read watchmen, kick ass, buy the walking dead volumes every 6 months or so, and currently reading V for Vendetta. i think i prefer this kind of stuff to straight up super hero strips, though dont mind xmen, batman, etc.

    anything else i should look out for or hunt down on amazon?

    cheers, rich

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    Personal recent favourites:

    DMZ (starting to look less fanciful by the day)
    Scott Pilgrim (you'll either love it or hate it)
    Fell (issue 10 is finally written, yay!)
    Powers (unless you hate Bendis' decompressed style)
    Alias (likewise. also currently being turned int a tv show)

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    Batman - The Killing Joke : Short but brilliant
    Batman - The Dark Knight Returns : Also rather good

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    thanks fellers.

    i saw the scott pilgrim film, but found him a little annoying. abit too emo. how closely does the film match the books?

    spag, ill have a look out for that. ive read mixed reviews about clint, but as someone who isnt a comics purist (and no particular view on millar), think its a great introduction. though the articles are awful, and really not feeling frankie boyles strip rex royd.

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    v for vendetta

    the watchmen

    which both have had good films i must say

    oh for lovers of amazing art the DC kingdom come graphic novels are good
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    Torpedo by Enrique Sanchez Abuli and Jordi Bernet! Grim, violent stories with dark humour of a 1936 New York hitman Luca "Torpedo" Torelli.

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