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    Loving Descender at the moment. Raced through volumes 3 and 4.

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    Has anyone read Monstress? I don’t know if I should order it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuteros View Post
    Thanks for the heads up. My daughter is a Scooby fan, so that should keep her quiet for quite a while!

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    So here we are. Yesterday, I received what I imagine to be my final CGC comic. There’s nothing like a pandemic to put things into perspective! Not sure what the final count of slabs I own is, circa 118. So here are my final few since my previous post. Bon voyage CGC.

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    Reposted from The Free Digital Stuff Thread.

    One Hundred Marvel Comics By Black Creators, For Free

    That's on the Marvel Unlimited app but a portion of those free comics are also being offered on comiXology.

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    Vampirella looks amazing, #6 cover is gorgeous

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    Had 2 new books today as belated birthday presents
    Invincible volume 3 & a series I'd been looking to get into for a long time über volume 1

    Also @Super Grover those CGC books are stunning
    Obviously Vampirella has that certain something but I'm loving that GI Joe one, absolutely stunning



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