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    Has anyone used marvel unlimited? If so is it any good?

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    I'm curious too.
    I nearly signed up on a deal a while back, but it's not the latest comics, so left it.

    In other comic news, I recently read the Dynamite Comics version of James Bond, which I really enjoyed.

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    Descender by Jeff Lemire.

    A future galactic federation suffers an attack by immense robots called Harvesters from an unknown origin. In the subsequent decade, the galactic authorities are weakened. Worlds are lost through uprisings, civil unrest and opportunistic criminals. Many of the survivors of the Harvester attack distrust any synthetic life. There is a purge of robots. Scrappers and bounty hunters pursue artificial life to destroy it. On a distant colony, a child’s companion bot called Tim-21 is reactivated. He is pursued by the authorities and scrappers, and it is revealed that his base AI has the same makeup as that of the Harvesters.

    It’s a great universe, really well-developed and scripted. The art by Dustin Nguyen is lovely - all vague and washed out. Halfway through Volume 2 and it’s super.

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    Re-reading Morning Glories volume 1, since I’ve found my copy of Volume 2 that I never got round to reading. It’s ok. The premise is more interesting than it’s playing out at the moment.

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    I read vol 1 of Morning Glories a good while back and that was pretty much my opinion too.

    I'll have to watch out for that Jeff Lemire book ... I read The Underwater Welder a year or so ago ... very much resonated with the Twilight Zone fan in me.

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    Yeah I got MG volume 1-3 & just lost interest by the 3rd book
    I had no interest in finding out where it was going so dropped it

    I'm only reading a few books now but find my favourites at the moment are the Warhammer 40k books from Titan Comics
    Got to a saturation point I think where there isn't much exciting in the books from DC & Marvel

    I am trying to go back & buy all the IDW Collected volumes for Transformers, GI Joe & Turtles...this is EXPENSIVE though


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    Quote Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
    I am trying to go back & buy all the IDW Collected volumes for Transformers, GI Joe & Turtles...this is EXPENSIVE though

    I’ve been getting the lovely hardback Turtles Ultimate Collection and IDW Turtles Collection since they started... the new IDW comics are awesome.

    I would like the IDW Transformers one but there’s two series now, and there always seems to be one or two volumes in each series that are constantly out of print. Which is bloody annoying, although at the same time it’s saving me an absolute fortune. I mean, why would IDW want to keep all their stuff in stock so I can give them several hundred quid. Silly me.

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    William Gibson’s Alien 3 script is getting a comic book adaptation...

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    I'll give that a look I reckon. I always like the sound of Vincent Ward's script too, with the wooden planet.

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    Yeah this could turn out to be very interesting.


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