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    I was trying to get on RetroCollect the other day and was wondering if that current error was a long term thing or not... but forget that, welcome aboard!

    Japan will naturally be a whole other library of things, but are there that many English language 3DS releases that didn't make it to Europe?

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    Thank you.

    Yeah, there are quite many North American 3DS games that did not get released in Europe (but more the other way around).

    I'm missing 18 North American releases that did not get released in Europe, I currently have 33 North American 3DS games plus I have Japanese copy of Kinki no Magna (Lord of Magna) that did get released physically in NA. So total of 52 North American games that did not get released in Europe.

    In terms of game library size, North American game library should be 420 games, European region 3DS library is 511 games. So North American region and European region 3DS library only shares 368 games, so Europe got 143 games that North America did not get.

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    Lovely little haul that Travesty. Interesting on the library sizes, I thought it would be more. I guess there’s a fair chunk less shovelware on the 3DS than DS though.


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