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    Went to my parents' house yesterday as I'd had a few deliveries. Came back with the following....

    First, courtesy of Amazon Japan:

    The rest was all procured from YAJ, it was bonus month so I spent a little extra this month.

    Some DC:

    PS1, mostly fighters:

    Sticks for the PS1 fighters, ended up with 3 due to people retracting bids on YAJ

    A guilty pleasure for me, there's a couple of K-1 PS1 games up there as well:

    A few Saturn games:

    Finally some PC Engine games:

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    Well this turned up super fast less than a week since i won it off ebay, someone is offloading their taiko collection and they have a ton of rare merchandise. When i saw this lottery prize furoshiki i couldn't resist especially when i had 3000 nectar points burning a hole in my account so i ended up only having to pay 3 at the end. Was going to use it as a dust cover for my tatacon but it's too nice for that i will have to think of some nicer way of displaying it i think.

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    My copy of vitaminge connection turned up from limited run, really enjoyed the demo so i waited for it to come out as physical. Ahh the joys of playing as a canestan combi pill as it makes it's way through a creamy cavern of a chronic case of thrush

    Yes it was extremely childish but i couldn't help myself with a paint pen LOL

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    Some new arrivals from japan, seems like i can still sneak these past customs by declaring them as under the threshold still, these all got here with zero duty. Well apart from stardew valley as thas a uk game so it wasn't an import obvs.

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    Hi guys
    Thought I'd pop this in here but can anyone let me know how Pre-orders work with Amazon Jpn?

    Are they same as all other Amazon's & take payment at release?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
    Are they same as all other Amazon's & take payment at release?
    Yup, that's it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuse View Post
    Yup, that's it! for a spend up

    Thanks dude


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    The only other thing to be aware of is sometimes preorders can't be cancelled after you place them, sometimes it's right from the beginning of the preorders going live on amazon and other times there will be a cutoff point where you can cancel before a certain date but items like that will clearly have the warning on them about cancelling and what the cutoff date is.


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