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    Still have to play the Psikyo Collection. Will post something when I do.

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    Not a huge amount of gaming stuff this month but i finally got my copy of okami here along with some awesome osomatsu san dioramas and another newly released totoro papercraft kit.

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    Got my JP GC stuff today! Need to get another copy of Giftpia as its condition is much worse than what it looks like, but at least I can play it in the meantime. Also got a 256 block memory card.


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    My first PS4 game bought finally arrived but my heart sank when i heard the disk rattling around in the case. Thank god for bluray disk coating making them bulletproof it survived from the usa without a single scratch. Not pleased that amazon sent it in the thinnest bubble mailer possible, amazed it didn't get totally destroyed. But least it's here & ready for xmas.

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    Going JP only for Switch. Traded in all my PAL games towards an Xbox One X a while back so Captain Toad is a re-buy

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    What are the two DS games on the left, Nico?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marius View Post
    What are the two DS games on the left, Nico?
    Top left is

    Below it is Mawasunda!!. Think it was localized as Turn It Around!
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    Top left's name is a bit of a mouthful.

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    Mawasunda is a fab arcade game. Kochikame is still one of my faves on the ds, it’s stupid amounts of fun even now. A quality selection of games nico.


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