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    Quote Originally Posted by briareos_kerensky View Post
    I've been using a 1st production run Warthog stick all these years and no hardware issues; when I switched to the current computer I had to update the firmware on the old PC because otherwise it wouldn't had worked.
    But I do agree for more arcadey stuff lighter sticks are better.
    Yeah I only have internet reports to go on and by it’s very nature of being a decade old stick I guess it will garner more complaints! To be fair most complaints referred to ‘sticktion’ which appears to be treatable with silicon lubricant anyway. Anyway, really happy with this set up and managed a case 1 recovery first go after about 20 attempts on the old setup. I actually really rate the old Hotas x for games like elite but it doesn’t cut it for DCS, well when you’re learning at least.

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    It's heeeeeere, thankfully undamaged & fully working as i have given it a quick test on the button input testy thing on my switch, can't play diva on it yet as my game is in the other parcel. But that's not gonna stop me from taking a stupid amount of pics lol, amusingly you can use it on any game as it's just a weird looking control stick.

    Box is stupidly heavy as Hori ship them from the factory double boxed which considering it was shipped naked like this from Japan i'm super grateful of. Lol zero import tax because quite frankly the uk government can kiss my ass no way are they getting a slice of a £400+ controller. Hori make these to order in very small runs there are not a huge amount of them out there as they have only had 2 preorder periods so far each one is numbered, the amount they make is how many preorders they got before they closed the preorder window.

    It took at least one good knock on it's way from Japan, the box is frigging massive.

    Thankfully well protected but seeing the cost i'd damn well demand it was.

    inside foam on foam all thankfully holding it in place

    Mine was number 47 out of 1310 i guess thats how many preordered in the 2nd period.

    Bam, it's a beast and the buttons feel so nice they are very responsive.

    They also light up

    And so does the touch slider too

    You can customise the colour of the touch slider light by holding down the LED key and using up & down on the dpad sticking to Miku teal though i think.

    Anyone wanting to see it in action there's a vid here (not me lol)
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    God damn, that thing is basically an arcade cabinet control panel that’s been pulled off and had a wire stuck in it’s back! It’s glorious. I assume that keyboard in the background is a normal sized one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillv85 View Post
    God damn, that thing is basically an arcade cabinet control panel that’s been pulled off and had a wire stuck in it’s back! It’s glorious. I assume that keyboard in the background is a normal sized one?
    yup just a regular sized keyboard behind it, i have seen people on youtube that have manage to somehow get hold of real diva arcade panels and managed to hack them to make them work on consoles/pc. This one is not 100% accurate as it's missing the rainbow led effect on the touch slider but apart from that the feel is pretty much spot on. the buttons have very short travel making presses very responsive. Now need to look into getting a case for it to keep the dust off when not playing as it's gonna sit on the floor. May end up asking mum to make me something on the old sewing machine as i just need something simple to keep it clean and dust free.

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    The 2nd half of my parcel arrived, Taiko no tatsujin plus the controller as well as some wooden arcade mybatchi and a carry case for said sticks when i take them to the arcade. Wooden sticks are way better than the plastic ones bundled with the controller, the carry case is pretty neat as it has hooks to clip it to the arcade machine while you are playing and a shoulder strap so you can sling them over your shoulder while travelling. Also my copy of project diva turned up so i can finally put my arcade controller to it's intended use. Oh and a cup noodle plamo kit lol.

    Love how on the kit they are terrified that someone is going to accidentally eat it, a sign that it's a little too realistic when built

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    Another music game, you may see a certain theme this month lol. This one been meaning to get for a while i was put off as i always thought you would have to buy the songs as dlc like the mobile versions but it seems all the songs are free in this one and they keep giving new song dlc in frequent updates it seems so there's about 200 on this version now. Wish i had picked it up on amazon japan when new copies were around 3000 yen as now they are listing them at nearly 8000 on the marketplace boooo. Thankfully there was some copies sold by uk sellers on amazon uk so i picked it up for £30 sort of a reverse import lol.

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    Nicalis suck balls, but I couldn't help myself.

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    Hi. I'm new here.
    My main collecting focus is on 3DS, I completed my EU region 3DS set last december and now am picking up North American and Japanese games that did not get released in Europe. Here are my latest arrivals.

    Some shovelware with Bratz and Let's Ride. Atoii Collection is fine but I'm not a huge fan of Atooi. Scooby-Doo & Looney Tunes is by WayForward and it's not too good either. Out of these four, the most fun I've had has been with Bratz.

    Puzzle & Dragons X came a month ago so that I have played the most (the others came today), and I like it a lot like I liked the previous game that did come to Europe. Mario vs. Donkey Kong Minna de Mini-Land got a download code in a box release in Europe, but I had to get the actual physical game card release from Japan to my collection. Hero Bank 2 and Monhun Nikki I have not had the chance to get into yet.

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    Ah i remember you from retrocollect before it imploded, welcome

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