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    Wouldn't that mean that optimised and partly-optimised games would play too fast?
    Yes. Some games are a little quick, Motorhead being one but everything else is fine. It also seems to stretch the image a tad. Luckily I still have a PS1.

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    If the current gen of consoles hadnt been a bunch of unreliable **** i would have gone import.

    But not at the risk of sitting there with (at the time ?300 360 and ?450 ps3) bricks because they have died on me and i cant do sod all with it.

    Hell even my launch jap xbox is still going with its crappy thomson drive. I didnt think twice getting my Q, gamecube and others i bought, but not this current bunch.

    moan over


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    Excellent! Glad to see this happen, since a lot of niche titles which only a couple of people were playing were getting lost in the regular first play area.

    I've found a new online nest to feather.


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