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    Welcome to the import area.

    Import coverage was getting a little lost, so here's a dedicated forum for all news and discussion for imports past and present. Whilst it might create a little confusion every now and then when games eventually get released in Europe, let's see if it works.

    Put first play here too (if it's import only) and then we'll move it to the main first play forum if it ever gets a Euro release.
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    Isn't it a little sad to have an import section on a forum that started off as one of the best websites for import gaming?
    I'll be using it, just a shame to see how much the import scene has changed I guess

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    I think it shows how much improved the European scene is. No 50 hz, no massive delays and the major titles now seem to be developed in the west.

    Both a good thing and a bad thing.

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    I've just sold the rest of my PAL items so I'm basically an import exclusive gamer now. Derpa.

    Although my PS3 is PAL, until I find a nice 20GB JP unit when I can afford it. But they're region free anyway.

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    For current gen, PAL isn't an issue, but for retro it's still unbeatable.

    Nintendo/Sega stuff in 50Hz? No thanks! Plus all the nifty little consoles that only came out in japan make it the way to go.

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    I'm still unsure about 50/60hz on say a CRT.. But still.

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    Just get a Sony Wega and you'll be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedlolita View Post
    I'm still unsure about 50/60hz on say a CRT.. But still.
    In what way are you unsure?


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