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    I've only just seen this, but everything you've said makes sense to me!

    It's perfectly normal to create classes full of properties which are just used to hold data.

    Personally I wouldn't worry about design patterns at this stage, I'd just get used to how to interact with the classes first.

    I don't think you have to worry about coming across like Protocol Penguin

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    I gave up with the JSON data and instead took XML route:

    • Converted Skype XML file and removed everything except the Japanese lesson conversations
    • Added a method in the program that would iterate through each element in the XML file and MessageBox.Show me info about it(element name, type, value, etc). This helped me get the hang of how the XML reader would go through the elements
    • Created a class to hold the info I wanted(username, message, message time) in a list
    • Made a loop that would go through each message and put the values in that list class
    • Went through the list and output the contents to an Excel file
    • Realised the message time stamps were all in UTC so went back and made the program add 9 hours to each message timestamp before exporting


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