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    Quote Originally Posted by gunrock View Post
    @Brad: Never wrote any 68k and TBH there's two ways of looking at it:
    1. This is the 21st century: write as much as you can in C and maybe optimise parts in 68k.
    2. Write it all in 68k as it's the 21st century and there must be tons of published source, blogs and youtube vids out there to work from!

    For me at the ripe old age of 40-cough-something, not sure I could face writing tons of assembly unless it was my day job or I had done tons in the past.
    I'm 48. On the one hand I just want to make my game so I could use Amos I guess, but on the other hand I could learn something while I do it. As you say, I think there's probably more support for 68k assembly out there than there is for C with regard to Amiga game making, but on the other hand I've been coding C for 30 years so I'm quite good at it. Swings and roundabouts!

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    Nope. A book littered with errors is certainly not good for beginners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    Nope. A book littered with errors is certainly not good for beginners.
    Coincidentally, I found the book in my local
    Library, sat down for several hours typing it out, and yes it’s full of stuff that doesn’t ‘work’. Have felt like I’ve learn a bit along the way though.

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    I have ordered the Haynes manual so will post my impressions in a few days.

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    I found myself drifting off during the online video courses I tried(PluralSight, Channel9) so decided to try learning old-skool. I got this book recently and am on the third chapter.

    Instead of beginning with the theory and explanations, the first thing you do is program a little arcade game(trying to drag a human into a portal while dodging aliens). It's humorous in a good way

    The book involves making Universal Windows Programs as well as the older Windows forms. That's handy for me because the programs my manager makes are all using forms so I can understand them better now.

    This third edition is five years old but the fourth edition keeps getting pushed back(initially due out later this year, then moved back to mid-2019, now showing as 2020!). Also, I put it on expenses.

    It's nice having a physical book to flick through but recently I've just been reading the PDF on my second monitor.

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    The Humble Bundle books bundles have been fairly good for programming stuff recently. I picked up the Unity related stuff which although not being the most recent editions, still represent decent value given the cost of these things normally.


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