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    Nice! I've just been given a copy at work..

    I've been doing a fair old whack of Powershell and PowerCLI for the last 3 months to replace a load of compliance checks people were doing on vmware hosts and vm's. Reduced the time from 3-4 hours down to 30 seconds

    I'm now doing the same sort of scripts in shell scripts so I can run the checks on servers that don't have connectivity to a management server.

    I'm enjoying it more - although regex is a mutha. I've done some .Net stuff inside of powershell, so I'm now considering a move to c#.

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    And a bit of cocking around in Scratch today to get SF2 Ryu moving around on the screen.. quite fun.

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    Scratch is pretty cool. My son loves it.

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    Anyone know the best starting point for someone who wants to write an amiga game in C? Can't find much around the web yet.
    Yes, I should use 68000 assembler but time is not on my side and there were a good 10%ish of amiga games written in C so it must be possible.
    Will also need someone who can do some 2d graphics.
    Currently looking to see if blitz basic might even be up to the job.

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    Apologies for the vague brain dump lol

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    @Brad: What is it you want to make? The standard CBM exec, rom kernel and hardware ref manuals will get you a fair way but you probably ought to get 'mapping the amiga' as you'll probably still need to hit some hardware registers directly.
    Pretty sure Aminet will have resources and tools, example code etc.
    Expect a steep learning curve.

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    I'm now looking at writing it in assembly language. So I have the hardware reference manual and a book on 68000. I'll take a look at the one you mentioned as well.
    Side scrolling brawler basically. I'm thinking dual playfield, bobs, nothing too fancy. Never written a game in assembly before. Looks like I can use the copper to run routines on the cpu at specific points during the raster scan but I'd really like to see the source code for an existing game to see how to write the game loop properly as I reckon that'll save some headaches early on.

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    And in the red corner, I'm beavering away at C#. Just doing loops and stuff but it's fun and I have John Hammond's timeless words of wisdom in my head:

    "Creation... is an act of sheer will."

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    @Brad: Never wrote any 68k and TBH there's two ways of looking at it:
    1. This is the 21st century: write as much as you can in C and maybe optimise parts in 68k.
    2. Write it all in 68k as it's the 21st century and there must be tons of published source, blogs and youtube vids out there to work from!

    For me at the ripe old age of 40-cough-something, not sure I could face writing tons of assembly unless it was my day job or I had done tons in the past.


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