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Thread: Mobile style

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    Could you have a pop up menu for short cuts. in every page.

    ie first play, general gaming, headlines, etc

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    Still not working here on Android.

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    Ok, I've asked on forum for hints.

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    Wonder if it's a setting somewhere. Weird it works fine for me. Mod powers?

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    Works for me on iPhone. Bit slow though ish. But no New Posts button.

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    Just Tried it again. Still won't load any pages.

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    Just tried it, same for me even when logged out.

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    Forum upgraded.
    Just tried this on (gasp) my mobile (I have a new/old nokia symbian s60 with opera mini and nokia browser).
    As long as i'm logged in, the mobile skin works fine for me.
    Please can other people report?


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