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Thread: Mobile style

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    Writing this on my iPhone with the skin selected, so far so good!

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    issues I have found so far: I cannot see the icon for "new PM". While looking on the PC (in mobile skin mode) I can see a yellow oblong with a number in it, up next to the grid icon button, top right. It doens't appear on my phone. (in Nokia browser). I'll check in opera browser.
    Number45, sent you a PM so you can test same on your iPhone.

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    At the top of the skin there's an icon that looks like a grid - notifications and the like are in there. The yellow number is the new notifications/PM thing I think.

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    In Opera mobile, I get a yellow icon next to that grid icon.

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    In Opera Mobile, the "Top" button at the bottom goes to the top of the page, but in nokia browser it goes to the homepage
    Moral appears to be use Opera Mobile if you are on an old Nokia thing.

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    Works on my Android phone, quite well in fact.

    Notifcations work fine too.

    Only thing that needs doing now is replacing the Vbeulletin text at the top with NTSC-uk's.

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    Test post from phone itself!

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    That works - only issue seems to be if you type some text in the quick reply box and then click to go advanced, it doesn't carry the text over with it. Although that's more likely to be a bug that needs fixing by Vbulletin itself I would have thought.

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    It's extremely slow to load posts for me even over wifi. Minutes each time.

    Also I can't find a way to jump to the last page of a thread from the thread listings.

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    Mobile version seems nice and clean, loads well on my Android phone. Only "problem" i've come across is not easily being able to get back to the forum I was reading without pressing back multiple times; tedious if I've gone through lots of pages. Or is this just me?


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