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Thread: Mobile style

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    I forgot to check this on my wife's android - I'll see if I can grab it some time this evening.

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    I see the same problem on Android
    It all works fine on my ancient Nokia.

    There have been updates to the mobile style though so please hang on in there while I prepare for the upgrade (still testing - there are some major changes to the whole back end).

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    I guess it depends on which version of Android you are running too.

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    I've reinstalled the Superlight style - it's a bit crazy but maybe that will work for you. It's super fast too.

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    Any update as to when this will be working again on Android? I had an update to Android 4.0.3 last week and hoped it would have made a difference but it still doesn't work

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    I might have time to upgrade the site tonight actually.

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    Seems to be working now so whatever you did last night worked

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    Updated the superlight style so that it has a forum link even if you aren't logged in. No idea why it wasn't showing before, but forced it now. It made it impossible to browse normally because the only options were "articles" "new posts" and "search" of which only the first one would function if you aren't logged in.

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    I had to kill the superlight style. It was designed for an older version of VB and every time I tried to modify it, I encountered database issues. I'm working on an alternative. It won't be quite so stripped back, but will hopefully do the job.

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    Does anyone use the mobile style?
    I've added the "what's new" button to the top of every page because I guess that's what people would use most on a mobile.


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