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    Ikenie no Yoru Nintendo Wii

    Ok, I've fired this up. You can either use a button on the remote to walk, or when you press button 1, you can then choose the top option to sync up the balance board. Leave it for a bit and then when the message changes, jump on.

    I highly recommend trying the board. Why? Well, it's a 1st person walking-around-crapping-yourself-in-the-dark game. You point your torch in the direction you want to go and if you see something scary, you run away. With your feet.

    You start off in a modern room with 3 other young people, one of them playing on a DS. Next moment you are in a spooky house with blood everywhere and ghost sticking their hands through walls. And for a moment there, with all the lights off in the house and the surround sound doing its thing, I was really walking around holding a torch in my hand and I was pretty damn scared. I have no idea how long that feeling will last, but I was fully creeped out.

    And then something looked at me and I turned around and ran as fast as my balance board mounted feet would take me What a girl.

    I think running away is going to feature a fair amount. I also get the feeling it's more of an adventure than an action game, so missing out on the plot is going to be significant. So far just soaking up the (blood-soaked) atmosphere.

    I'm uploading a video of the first few minutes in the spooky house. I'll post the link when it's on the youtube.
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    Sounds good, i have my eye on this but would love to hear more impressions before blowing ?43 on it.

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    I can't watch the video just yet due to being in the office but this game does sound very good. Sort of what Juon should have been.

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    Red Sun Gamer are currently live streaming this with translations.

    They used the balance board for the first part but the wife just told them they were making too much noise.

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    Awesome. Thanks for the link. Will be good to know what's going on! Wusses though. Playing with the lights on. No one bricks it with the lights on. But with the lights off, it's a REAL TORCH man. REAL.

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    lol, it's hilarious. They pretty much did exactly the same things I did.

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    Put a little more time into this.

    So far, just some very light evasion puzzles (because you can't defeat the ghosts - they end your go pretty quickly). Luckily checkpoints are fairly spaced - tension might have been further ncreased if you had to repeat the level from the start if caught, but I guess would have been frustrating.

    There's a pedometer, so you can see how many steps you took in the game. Look! It's a healthy horror game. If you don't use the balance board you pull the B trigger for each step, so not quite so energetic.

    On level 3 I found the graphics very disconcerting. I'm standing on a sort of bridge with no guard rails with the tops of tall trees on either side and just blackness in between. I'm clearly being told not to fall off, although the nature of the controls makes this easier said than done. Actually they aren't so much levels as chapters, as in a book and one in which you can read many of the chapters in the order of your choice.

    A few scares especially when you realise it's not just the ghosts out to get you. More tonight.
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    Ok, the first tiny part of the game in the modern room is "before" and then the next bit is titled "After", so there's blood and gore everywhere. The next part appears to be the actual events, so you get to see bits of buildings you recognise, but they are not splattered in blood etc. There are plenty of extra chapters opening up.

    This isn't really a game in the usual sense; although there are some brief puzzles and evade / run away sections, I believe it's really a horror movie in which you play all the victims and "feel" all their terror. There's nothing particular scary about it, but the use of really top notch audio (through the surround and via the remote) and suspenseful situations mean that I'm totally on edge and really don't want to see what's on the other side of the door with all the sawing noises. There's a great section where you have to walk quite slowly to progress which had my desperate to look behind me because I could hear something following me but I didn't dare.

    Another section has you balancing across beams in the roof whilst trying to pick a path - fantastic on the balance board - it's not difficult, but it gives the impression you will fall at any second.

    So this all sounds really good yeah? It's hard to say if everyone will enjoy it. I've often thought of a game that doesn't involve higher moral issues like fighting or jumping on people's heads / eating mushrooms / shooting people in the face, so that my kids could play it . Even Zelda has a lot of fighting and smashing up strangers' pottery for treasure. However, I don't think this is the one, even though you just walk around with a torch. I think if you liked Silent Hill, you will like this though.

    I tried Ikenie no Yoru during the day and it doesn't have the same scare-factor. If you pick this up, I highly recommend:
    a) the balance board - I have done 4000 steps today while playing it
    b) the dark!

    P.S. I would still be playing, but I needed a break. I was feeling quite tense from all the nervousness.
    The video below shows a girl playing it (without the balance board and not in the total darkness!) being a bit of a wuss, but I can imagine how it might affect some people that way.

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