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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    Does anyone know what trade-in value I can get for a UK 360 Slim 250GB?
    Cash ?95, credit ?120 at HMV, ?99 or ?123 at CEX (assuming its boxed). Would you not be better off ebaying it? Or has the price dropped alot? Last time I looked they were ?200ish new.

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    Cheers for that I went into GAME this afternoon to ask and the trade-in price has taken a bit of a hit (now ?100) as they're currently on special offer @ ?149.99 brand new.

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    Do HMV take any old tat as long as it's on their site exchange thing?

    Have crap like GT Prologue and stuff.

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    I think so - app says ?5 for GT:P platinum, ?3 for normal version, which is crazy! Wii Play (game only) is ?5 too.

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    i dont have an iphone, is there any way to check hmv trade in prices?

    on mario kart wii and pokemon black? cheers

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    Lol, I don't mind checking for people. As far as I know you can only get the prices through their app on Android and ios, not on a PC unfortunately. As for those games:
    Mario Kart (must have wheel, not listed without) - ?15 cash, ?20 exchange
    Pokemon Black - ?15 cash, ?20 exchange again lol.

    Edit: Cex give you ?21 cash/?22 exchange for Pkm, but HMV wins hands down on MK. Amazon give ?16.24 credit for MK which is ok.
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    Bit of a faff, but if you want Portal 2 for ?25, buy WWE All Stars from Game today for ?20, then on Friday you can get Portal 2 for a fiver when you trade it in.

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    Does anyone know the best trade in price for a Kinect Unit + Kinect Sports and Your Shape ??

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    It's just a boxed Kinect Unit with the games above. It has everything with it that I got at purchase


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