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    Contribution Details - Blueroom

    Please ensure you use the link below to manage your donation. It only works on the full screen style, so if you use a mobile, you'll have to zoom in.

    As a show of our appreciation to all those who donate:

    - We have opened a new trading forum in which contributors can sell items which are currently restricted such as Blurays and non-gaming items.
    - Competitions for Blueroom members.
    - Blue nickname.
    - You can add a custom tag under your nickname.
    - A private forum - The Blueroom
    - Add Polls to your threads.
    - Slightly bigger and / or animated avatars
    - Blue "for free" thread
    - Larger mailbox (+100)

    Whether a member contributes to the running costs of the site or not, the Terms and Conditions of this site will continue to be maintained. Contributing does not give a member carte blanche to break the rules. If you are banned for breaking the site's T&C do not expect a refund.

    We thank everyone who decides to contribute.

    How to Donate by joining the Blueroom
    Donations to join the Blueroom can currently be made via Paypal by clicking here, which can also be accessed via your user control panel. We would encourage you to use the automatic subscription link above wherever possible (you will immediately be activated without any work by us), but if you don't have paypal, please contact charlesr for details of paying by bank transfer. Thanks!

    One-off top-up donations without subscription
    If you want to top up your donation without getting any more Blue access because you are super generous: (THIS LINK WILL NOT GIVE YOU ACCESS TO THE BLUEROOM - FOR THAT SUBSCRIBE FURTHER ABOVE IN THE "HOW TO DONATE" SECTION).
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    Giving this post a bump as we start 2019.

    Blue subscription goes towards hosting, backup and various housekeeping fees like domain renewal and fancy scripts.

    Anything left over goes towards the competitions, so the more people that sign up, the more competitions we can have!

    Being a Blue subscriber also gives you all the benefits in the post above.

    Although it's a relatively small sum, we still really appreciate anyone who donates to keep the place running.


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    Thanks to all the people that have renewed recently.

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    The price will be going up shortly. We don't make any affiliate earnings now (amazon and ebay got dropped from skimlinks and most people buy digitally now), so the Blue subs are the only thing paying for the server. The rest is coming out of my pocket. Various Blues have said they are happy with the price increase. One has already paid double just to help out Thanks.

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    Ashamed I haven’t renewed my Blue. Stick the price up and then I will do it. Cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    Ashamed I haven’t renewed my Blue. Stick the price up and then I will do it. Cheers
    Ok, that's done.

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    Is it possible to send a one off top up payment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMcK View Post
    Is it possible to send a one off top up payment?
    I think this link will let you do that:
    I only use that paypal for this site, so it will be added to the correct pot.
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