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    How's performance today peeps please?

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    No complaints here on general speed. I have noticed (not just today) that the search functionality is very slow though.

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    I might have to rebuild the search index, but it will be an overnight effort. Takes hours.

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    performance is good today Charles, but been a bit hit and miss the last few weeks for me, especially when posting youtube stuff.

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    Twice in the last week I've had issues where PM's haven't been notified to me by a pop up box or in the top bar. I've only seen them when another message comes through or I go and look.

    Dunno if it's just me thought.

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    Was doing a weird double post thing over the weekend, but has seemed fine this week. (I'd make a post, it would take a while, then bring up the screen saying I had to wait at least 30 seconds between posts). The actual post had gone through fine, but it looked like it was trying to send it again.

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    It's all been proper bo for me today chief.

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    Epic slowness with searches, and sliiight slowness with posting atm.


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