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    Server and Performance (now with NimbusHosting from post #129 onwards)

    Sorry all. Every time I turn the forum on, the server gets overloaded. The hosts are still investigating.

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    Note that at the moment a few things are turned off, like search and anything other than the default style. I'll gradually re-enable 1 by 1, once it has been functioning ok in vanilla mode for a while.

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    Today at around 11am UK time the site was having issues loading threads again and PMs. Seems to be ok now though.

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    Anyone had any problems today? (apart from early this morning when I was repairing tables).

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    Been good for me today. Much better than the last few days.

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    Thanks. The server has been 99% idle for most of the day. Which is nice.

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    Very sluggish here for me tonight despite being okay throughout the day. Clicking links is taking about 10-15 seconds to open.

    edit: just as I post that it's sped up again

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    It might be scheduled tasks briefly taking up time. If this happens again, please post exactly what time it happened if possible. Thanks


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