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    It took 3 mins to reindex the search (used to take 20+)

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    It took 3 mins to reindex the search (used to take 20+)
    Really pleased for you. (And us!) will the new server cost mega bucks? With a new year coming do we need to up the blues fees a bit? Thanks for all the hard work Charles, you get a bit fond of a website after visiting daily for more than a decade

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    It's only a bit more than the previous one. Worth it if it saves me hassle and makes the experience great for you guys.

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    Major server software change on Tuesday 11am UK time. Probably for a couple of hours down time. I'll do an announcement nearer the time.

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    There is a Server upgrade at 11am UK Tuesday 22nd December 2015. The server will be unavailable for a couple of hours. If you want to chat in IRC, please bookmark this url: or join with your own client (#bordersdown on quakenet)
    If you are trading up to that time, I highly recommend exchanging emails in case anything goes wrong with the upgrade. I'd expect it to be smooth, but just in case like...

    Why is this happening?
    There is a newer version of vbulletin with security updates, but it depends on a newer version of PHP than I have available on the server as a prerequisite. The server upgrade will enable a newer version of PHP so that I can proceed with the vbulletin update.


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