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    My posts aren't coming out as informed, witty or interesting as I like them to but speedwise it's been fine.

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    Just having an instance of that issue where what I'm seeing in the main menus and what I'm seeing in the threads doesn't match. The one I'm seeing is the end of the world thread in off topic. The board menu tells me the last post is by Dirty Sanchez but, going into the thread, I don't see that - there, the last post showing for me is a reply by Howiee.

    Edit: Same issue in First Play. In main board menu, it tells me the last post is on Dead Space 2 at 11.22. If I go into the First Play menu, it says the last post is on Portal 2 and the Dead Space 2 thread is nowhere to be found.
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    Yeah. Same here. Can't do anything with that end of days thread. Can't post new, or delete old. Must be a sign.

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    It's the rapture!!!!

    Page numbers appear to be fupped in the PSN is Satan thread too. Tried to unclag it with a post but that did nothing - showing page 104 as the last one, but won't go past 103
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    Unfortunately the normal method of soft deleting a post and restoring it worked on that thread. Could have done with binning it

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    mahoosive delay on a search earlier, next search was fine.. sooo.. cookie related?

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    search is shared around the online users somehow, so that's possible, but I still think I need to rebuild the index.

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    Someone searched for "rock band" at 10.20 and it killed the server.
    I'll turn off search for a bit and rebuild the search index.

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    Search is back on. Hopefully a little quicker now.

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    Fairly slow right now. Gets there eventually, but can take 20 seconds in some cases.


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