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Thread: Site styles

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    The default style is much better now, thanks.

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    I've added in a tablet/phone style for people that prefer a fully functioning forum.
    Slightly chunkier and bigger fonts for easier readability on smaller screens.
    adjusted width so that maximum screen is available.

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    I'm not sure if this is the correct thread for this, but using Noscript I have given the site permissions / excluded it from blocking, but I can't format the text in any of my posts or replies or even PMs unless I allow permission for everything on the site including facebook, which I really don't want to do.

    Also, when browsing on Android, even after logging in I'm often told to log in to view threads, that's with cookies and scripting enabled.

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    I'm hoping that the logging in issue is now fixed with a .htaccess file I added.

    I'll be adding back the other styles soon. e.g. fluid and vb default.

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    The main style has been slightly modified to emphasise the logo which was previously trapped under a black bar, along with a few other mods. Hope you like.

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    Think I prefered it with the black bar tbh, the log in items look a bit lost now, any way they could have a black background just for their length or would that look odd?

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    Hmm, the standard "Bordersdown Style" style seems to have disappeared- can we have it back? I miss people's avatars when I'm using the "At Work" style.

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    Not sure I see what the problem is dudes. Please clarify. I'm logged in as a normal user and I see "BDv3" (+colours), the "at work" and the "mobile" available in the dropdown and they all seem to work.

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    Hi Test Account!

    Welcome to the forum! Tell us about your gaming habits in the introduction thread. We're a friendly bunch, Test.

    Although if you're a hot chick, we demand pix.


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