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Thread: Site styles

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    Site styles

    2X EvilBoris (fixed and fluid)
    1X Nishimori
    1X Mobile/Small screen

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    Spoiler colour needs adjusting slighty I think please.

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    Small suggestion. Take the NTSC UK logo out of the banner and have it as a separate PNG, sitting directly above the header graphic (absolute positioned, if you do CSS). It'll make updating that header a lot easier.

    Looking good tho.

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    Ah, sometimes I want the graphic to show through and sometimes I don't, so selecting the layer for pasting is only 30 second work. Thanks though.

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    can we not have the original one from a few weeks back as well?

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    I love the new UI style, it's all change at the moment!


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    I don't like that spotty background. It hurts my eyes.

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    Weird that the default has been removed.

    Still don't like a lot of the fonts on Boris' one, and the low-res NTSC-UK images for each of the forums on the Nishimori style are horrible.

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    As per some advice I was given all the fonts are sans-serif (arial on PC, helvetica on mac) and then a forum titles and thread titles have a different one (gill sans, gill mt, sans-serif)

    The way the site looks varies a little between the OS used. Each browser renders text a little differently too, then the fonts themselves can also look wildly different depending on the resolution they are being viewed at (many of the standard web fonts were designed 15+ years ago to work at low resolutions)

    If there is anything that looks wildly wrong or broken or unreadable, take a screenshot and tell me what OS browser and resolution you are at, then I can see if anything can be done to help those issues.
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    Been a bit tied up with Rails development at home but will hopefully make the changes to the forum images soon, I know they don't look great, sorry!


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