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    Agreed, the trailer made me chuckle. I never liked Chicken Run so i hope this turns out to be better!

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    Everyone's favourite female MMA fighter Gina Carano - in her first film directed by Steven Soderbergh, with supporting cast of Ewan McGregor, Bill Paxton, Antonio Banderas and Michael Douglas - looks like it could be a female version of the Bourne Identity. Has potential to be quite good:

    Ah, I see PeteJ beat me to it, doh!
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    So the Battleship trailer is out on yahoo.

    Not up on youtube yet. Looks like its about aliens setting up a force-field around ships to take turns. :P

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    Hahahahahaha. I had no idea this movie was real. What the hell is Neeson doing on a piece of **** like that?

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    Margin Call. Great cast, could be a new Wall Street.
    Horrible tagline!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteJ View Post
    Margin Call. Great cast, could be a new Wall Street.
    Horrible tagline!
    Could be interesting. I find that most movies about the street and the financial markets though are generally pretty ****r & are completely unrealistic - but then again real life would make a pretty boring movie.

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    Half of my family love the original film so they'll be all over this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero9X View Post
    That looks like the greatest action film ever! Loved the point blank range head shot moment, made the bit at the start of Hard Boiled look pussy-ish (and lets face it that is a hard thing to do).


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