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    Akira is a reference quality Blu ray IMHO. Especially for sound, I've never heard anything like it tbh . . .

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    Thanks for the advice on Akira chums!
    - Officially added to Blu ray list -

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    This week's purchases. Finally got the LE Inglorious as it went OOP and Play had a few more in.

    Also... GOONIES!!!

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    Is there a particular reason why the LE Inglorious is OOP?

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    Yes, it was ACTUALLY limited :P

    Today I had SUPER blu in the post. Woop.

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    From Poundland.

    Not seen it before, but I've read some favourable reviews.

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    Latest arrivals for me...

    EDIT - Christ how bad is my photography...for those who can't make out the F' they are it's Sucker Punch & DBZ: Kai pt 4

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    A couple of items from my b'day pressie haul.

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    Akira for me, I also took advantage of the play offer, it's a lovely little steelbook amazingly I've yet to watch it!! Last time I watched it was on VHS when I originally purchased it in the early 90's!! Gonna blow the roof off when I ramp up the volume and let my onkyo setup do it's thing


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