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    Show us your latest Blu Ray/DVD purchases

    Well, we have a topic of a similar nature in the General Gaming and Retro Gaming sections, so I figured why not one in this sub forum too. There's more than a few film enthusiasts who post on NTSC-uk, so I figured it would be interesting to see what other people having been buying.

    So here is my latest pickup. I'm no gore hound, but I did enjoy watching this for the outlandish 'traps'! Got it for a nice price too (?5).

    Apologies for the poor quality of the pic.

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    I do own this on DVD, but it was on sale at Zavvi for ?6 odd, and it has favourable reviews with regards to the sound and image transfer.

    Hope I don't have to keep this thread alive all by myself.

    But if I have to, I bloody well will.

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    Ive bought loads in the last few months, filling holes in the collection so wont be buying much for next few months. Keep it up though!

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    I've really cut back on what I buy, but this is my latest purchase:

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    Not bought it yet but I will be picking this up tomorrow:

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    EDIT: Nevermind.
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    My most recent pick ups over the last couple of weeks...


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    I NEED to watch Akira still. How good is that Blu-ray as I may skip on the DVD if this is in anyway better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fader209 View Post
    I NEED to watch Akira still. How good is that Blu-ray as I may skip on the DVD if this is in anyway better.
    The Blu-Ray is immense
    The Quality is simply stunning a massive step up from the DVD.

    If you've never seen it before then you really need to watch the Blu-Ray version & forget about the DVD, I'd love to have the Blu-Ray as my first experience of Akira.

    I still remember buying the VHS back in the day.


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    My purchase's over the last 2-3 weeks, mainly steelbooks - including the above-discussed Akira And the Best-Buy Vengeance Trilogy Tin
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