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Thread: Dark Souls

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    just put this on for the first time ever, any advice from you guys? Also would you say i should play Demons soul before i get too engaged with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by superking View Post
    just put this on for the first time ever, any advice from you guys? Also would you say i should play Demons soul before i get too engaged with this?
    I'd say that any advice is pretty subjective and as such would just say get stuck in!!

    As for Demons Souls I've not played them so whilst I can't say that it might not help to some extent (indeed I believe the mechanics are similar so that might help to some degree) I've certainly not heard people saying that it's a must do and as far as I know the stories aren't linked in any way.

    Have you launched your controller yet??

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    Demon's is still my favourite of them but that might be because it was the first I played.

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    Been on it now for 12 hours non stop, haven't done that on a game for many many years. Emotion ranging from elation to anger then tears of joy then absolute despair. Its an absolute rollercoaster, sooooooo hard but keep coming back to it

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    I should be playing Valkyria Chronicles 4, instead I've ventured in the land of Lordran once again, this time on the Switch.
    In the three or so hours I've played I've visited Undead Burg, Darkroot Forest, and the Valley Of Drakes; will go to the Catacombs next to obtain a few items, including the Silver Serpent Ring. Haven't rang any bells yet: ah, the magic of the Master Key.
    I've got uber-lucky and the three Black Knights I've killed dropped a BK Sword and a BK Shield; already recovered the Elite Knight armour from Darkoot, so I'm pretty much set for the rest of the game

    Anyway, I'm kinda surprised how well the Switch version is holding up compared to the PS4 (non-Pro). Resolution wise it looks exactly like the PS4, no dynamic resolution here; the framerate did drop below 30 in some areas, but overall DS on a docked Switch looks considerably better than on the PS3...of course I'm speaking about technicalities, I still prefer the lighting and texture detail of the vanilla DS over the Remaster.
    In addition to framerate I'd say that the FSAA is not as smooth as on the PS4, and some bump and reflection maps do look like they are at a lower resolution, or not filtered.

    And after seeing this I'm even more convinced that Dark Souls Remaster on the PS4 should have been able to run in 1080p60 without problems.

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    Visited the Undead Asylum again, got the Rusted Iron Ring, killed the Hydra, freed Dusk, got Cast Light, ventured into the Catacombs, gathered materials and rings there, killed Pinwheel, recovered the Silver Ring Serpent, killed the Gargoyles, the Moonlight Butterfly, got the Crest Of Artorias.

    This is the first time I face the Gargoyles and killed the first in four one-handed swings and the second with two two-handed hits...well, it was pratically dead after the first, but two nonetheless.

    I think this version attracted a lot of new players, I don't remember seeing this many bloodstains all over the place, even in the path leading to Undead Burg from Firelink Shrine, since the PS3 days.


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